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What do you think when looking for a trickling frozen delicious dessert


You are in a nutshell with a caramel or an exotic ice storm
Another offered form of ice cream are powdered dry mixtures, they are suitable for all who prefer to prepare traditional and usual way! All of them are gluten free! We deliver them in flavor vanilla, chocolate, yogurt, lemon, strawberry and pistachios.
Sounds incredibly icy delicious Queen knows the whole world
Our exclusive novelty is a neutral sorbet basis for the preparation of ice cream with flavors of apricots, orange, raspberry, apple and cherry. Our company also deals with the distribution of frozen products, which include meat, fish, vegetables, dairy products and cheeses, desserts, potato products and various kinds of cold delicacies!
Do not hesitate and cooperate with us!
Feel free to contact us to start working together as soon as possible. We look forward to welcoming you and we believe that our ice creams and other cold, whether sweet or savory products will not disappoint! Our company guarantees the quality of Czech products at unbeatable prices. Good taste and sweet mating!