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The Versatility of Acrylic Bathtubs


Mansions, several expensive vehicles, unlimited financial resources, and private jets are luxuries affordable to the wealthy. Bathtubs made of any material are an affordable luxury for the masses. These are found in average homes owned by hard-working individuals and families. The most versatile material used for modern bathtubs is acrylic.


Acrylic Bathtubs are lightweight but are reinforced for durability. They can be placed in bathrooms on any floor of the house or in highrise apartments on existing flooring. Heavier tubs have limits regarding placement based on the flooring and structure strength. A cast iron tub, for example, is best suited to the ground floor due to its weight.

Elegance is another feature regardless of personal taste and preferences. The modern material can be designed to appear vintage in style and color. Tubs are available in several colors, finishes, and styles. Custom painting is also an option so the tub matches or accents existing decor.

Styles and Sizes

The clawfoot tub is a classic look that is still popular today. A slipper tub has a raised end that supports the back to relieve tension and soreness. The single style only fits one person at a time while the double slipper tub will fit two people. A double-ended tub is also suitable for two people at once. Pedestal tubs are placed on bases to become the focal point of the bathroom.

There are tub sizes to accommodate most spaces. The smallest one available in acrylic is 30 inches. Tubs made of acrylic or cast iron are made in 71 plus inches for large bathrooms. Always be sure to measure the intended space to avoid ordering the wrong size.


Buying a tub online will save you money. Buying a bathtub package will increase those savings substantially. Packages include the tub itself, appropriate style of faucet, water supply lines, the drain, and an overflow assembly. Customers can mix and match tubs and faucets to find the desirable combination.

Pricing will vary depending on size, finish, material, and style. Compare tubs that fall into personal budget guidelines before placing an order and getting to the checkout page. Questions about sales and promotions will be answered on the website or via telephone call to representatives for answers and detailed information.