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Sucget the cold magic of ice cream


Do you like ice cream? From our selection you will surely choose and not just one. For the year 2013 there is a new collection for you, so do not hesitate and definitely need to taste everything. Do you prefer a draught or a scoop? With us you will find everything you will pleasantly surprise not only an amazing taste, but also a new design.
You say you know all this? That ice cream can't surprise you any more? So you are mistaken in our new offer you will find even more news that you have not yet had. A new vitamin bomb is waiting for you directly from Brazil or a powdered mixture for draft ice cream. Our products are not only very tasty and original, but also not expensive. So don't hesitate to check out our site, let us know what we can offer you.
Draught ice cream in a new coat
It's so twisted ice cream has a new coat. It has an improved recipe, so it tastes great, but we also put it in a new design. We have been producing our products for more than 20 years and we strive to keep you in the way of liking and tasting you. You can see our purely Czech products on our website and you can taste them in our stores.