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Benefits of Grill Pans


Grill pans, also known as griddle pans, are pans with raised edges and grill lines used for cooking steak, fish, and veggies. They offer a perfect, portable, and more versatile alternative to barbecue grills. Read on to find out about the benefits of buying this specialized home kitchen cookware.

Indoor Use

Cooks can use grill pans on indoor cooktops, so it’s perfectly possible to take the barbecue inside if the weather turns. Cooks can use them indoors on electric stoves, induction cooktops, or glass stovetops without worrying about damaging equipment or making a mess. This makes it possible for them to create restaurant-quality steaks and veggies without even having to go outside.

Ridges Collect Fats

Since grill pans are designed specifically for grilling, they have ridges that allow the fats to drop off. This keeps food from broiling in its own juice and makes it easier to collect for sauces. Those sauces can then be used to flavor steak, fish, gravy, and more.

Cook Multiple Foods

Grill pans are typically larger than other types of cookware. This makes it easy to cook several different foods at once without having to worry about the sauces getting mixed together, saving cooks time and helping them make sure that all of their food comes out perfectly fresh.

Professional Grilling Capabilities

While it’s possible to cook a sub-par steak on a regular pan, it won’t have the solid grill marks and it won’t be as satisfying. Those who want to create the same professional quality of barbecue meat and veggies they could find at a restaurant at home can do so easily with a grill pan.

Health Benefits

Today’s grill pans are designed with consumer health in mind. They’re free of PFOA and PFTE, letting cooks create full-flavored meals without worrying about contamination.

Ease of Use

Grill pans are easy to use. Just prep the food by cutting it into half-inch cuts, heat the grill pan over the stove for 5 to 20 minutes and place the food directly on the pan at a 45-degree angle. Once the grill marks have set in, flip it to a 90-degree angle to get perfect, square grill marks, then just flip the meat or vegetables over and repeat the process.

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