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Beautiful location and nature around


How to choose the ideal holiday, full of relaxation and fun? Simply and with us. Only accommodation Třeboň, brings you the perfect options to choose the ideal types of rooms, entertainment, sport, relaxation and everything as you always dreamed. Believe that only in our country, the whole family will be well-relaxed and entertained to the fullest. There is such a beautiful nature around, including the locality itself.
Always on Clean air
Just with us, you have great options, have fun and relax to the fullest. Only in our choice, you can choose the ideal holiday and it from many kinds of entertainment, relaxation and rest, but also choose a great sporting experience and many others. Only accommodation Třeboň is so varied opportunity to have fun and enjoy all the free days not only with fun and relaxation, but also in beautiful rooms and nature. You'll always be in clean air.