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3 Reasons to Reconsider a Summer DIY Window Replacement Project


Spring and summer are the most popular seasons for home repairs because nice weather is energizing and makes it easy to take on long projects. Many homeowners consider it the perfect time replace dated windows. Contractors do not necessarily agree.

Some suggest waiting until winter, especially if it is the owners‘ first year in a home. They can get a true sense of window problems and often buy replacements at a discount. Clients may even save enough to abandon diy projects and schedule professional installation, which is easier to arrange in the winter.

Winter Is the Best Time to Test Windows

Replacing windows is a fairly common upgrade among new homeowners. However, it can be hard to determine the actual condition of the windows when the weather is mild. Cold and winter elements have a strong impact on structural materials, so it is best for new owners to go through at least one full season before making a decision. Even owners who have lived in homes a while may want to examine the windows during one cold season to get an accurate idea of their condition. Harsh winters expose drafts, rotting materials, and leaks.

Contractors Often Reduce Prices in the Winter

Although window contractors are available to replace windows year round, they do have offseasons, especially in colder areas like the midwestern and northern states. Most customers book installations, repairs, and replacements during the warmer months. Very few residents of these areas take on major household repairs when the weather is icy and wet. However, that is good news for those looking for bargains. They can often get excellent prices on windows in the offseason and install them when the weather turns warm.

It Is Easy to Schedule Installation in the Off Season

Once customers have their new windows, they may still choose self-installation. However, discounted window prices can leave enough money in the budget for professional installation, and many companies will negotiate prices with customers. Contractor schedules are also much more flexible in the winter, so clients can arrange to have work done at a time that is convenient for them.

Contractors suggest that homeowners wait at least one winter before replacing windows. It is easier to identify problems during cold, wet weather. Customers may also get bargain prices on windows and installation in winter since it is often the offseason for contractors.

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